18″ X 36″ X 1″ MERV 11 Pleated Filter


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18" X 36" X 1" MERV 11 Pleated Filter (actual size 17.5" X 35.5" X .75") Protect your heating and air conditioning equipment and promote excellent indoor air quality with this high-efficiency pleated filter.  These pleated panel filters are engineered for sturdy performance and ease of use and provide an upgrade over standard pleated filters. Features: Extended-surface pleated filter is engineered to provide higher initial efficiencies and better overall performance than common pleated filters Pleated media means greater filter surface area and high dust holding capacity Highly specialized synthetic media promotes high performance throughout filter lifecycle Low resistance to airflow Moisture-resistant beverage board frame and sturdy support grid for even pleat spacing and structural support MERV 11 rating means the filter attracts common large household allergens like dust, pollen, and mold spores as well as smaller particulate like pet dander and small dust particles Replace every 90 days under normal use Made with pride in the USA