Air Products and Controls SL-2000-N Duct Smoke Detector, Hardwired Ionization Sensor


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The Air Products and Controls SL2000N is a hardwired duct smoke detector. It's designed for use in HVAC ducts in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. This ACP duct smoke detector uses ionization sensor technology to protect against smoke and fires in these ducts. Ionization smoke detectors respond to flaming fires, as opposed to photoelectric sensors that detect fires that start from smokeheavy, smoldering flames. It's recommended that both ionization and photoelectric sensors are used to cover all bases.The Air Products and Controls SL200 line offers many "notools required" features that make it a dynamic and versatile smoke detector. They can be set to shut off systems when smoke is detected. Also, these smoke alarms connect to many different remote accessories through its output terminals, which can provide horn, strobe, remote status, and test/reset functionality. Plus, these Air Products and Controls duct smoke detectors are designed to meet fire safety requirements pertaining to local codes, NFPA regulations, and ICC standards.
Low-Flow Technology: Both Ionization and Photoelectric models listed for velocities between 100-4000 ft./min Both models listed for high-temperature applications Operating voltages: 230VAC, 115VAC, 24VAC, 24VDC Interconnect up to 30 units for common functions Patent pending "No-Tools Required" front or rear loading and removing sampling/exhaust tubes Patent pending "Test Port Valve" allows for aerosol smoke testing without cover removal Clear cover fitted with four captive "No-Tools Required" th