LG LA090HSV2 Ductless Air Conditioner, 19 SEER Single-Zone Wall Mount Mini Split System w/ Heat Pump – 9,000 BTU


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This item qualifies for Energy Star Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency: Click Here for more informationThe LG LA090HSV2 LG Ductless Air Conditioner SingleZone Wall Mount MiniSplit System w/ Heat Pump 9,000 BTU is a single zone unit that comes with heat pump inverter. This unit is mounted to your wall and it replaces the discontinued system model LA090HSV, but it is NOT interchangeable. This LG unit qualifies for the Energy Star Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency.What makes the LG LA090HSV2 LG Ductless Air Conditioner SingleZone Wall Mount MiniSplit System w/ Heat Pump 9,000 BTU unique is its modern and sleek design with an Art Cool mirror finished panel. This attractive design fits well with the decor of any room. Plus, because itrsquo;s also designed with the latest ductless technology and heat pump inverter system, it also offers noninvasive installation.Not only will your LG LA090HSV2 look great in your home, but it sounds great, too. Because the air handler is installed inside your home and the noisy condenser outside, ultra quiet operation is yet another great feature of this unit. With so many amenities and conveniences, itrsquo;s another wise and fiscally responsible choice from LG.LG is known as a leader in ductless air conditioner minisplit systems. A ductless split system is similar to a central air system; however, this system is unique. It is a split (2part) design. It comes with an indoor air handler and the noisy condenser which is installed outside. You no longer need expensive and invasive ductwork. It only requires a 3" opening in the wall or ceiling, and installation is easy. Simply mount the indoor and outdoor units, connect the refrigerant lines, and make a few electrical connections. Most installations can be done in a day. LG supports and recommends that a qualified air conditioning contractor properly size and install LG DuctFree (ductless) air conditioners for optimal performance and long life.
Inverter (variable speed compressor): Continues to operate at low speed to maintain temperature; quieter to operate and use less energy than conventional ACs that cycle on/off Chaos swing: Electronically controlled louvers and fan speeds Self-cleaning indoor coil: Drives dirt and moisture from coil surface leaving it clean and fresh smelling Auto changeover Jet cool Cooling mode/Heating/Fan Mode Auto sleep mode: Automatically increases temperature setting 2° twice (after 1/2 hour and 1 hour)